Precious moments

Just as the sun is heading over the horizon

You can get that golden glow, as seen with the linked photo. It happens in the California desert too where the cacti and Joshua Trees seem to radiate light.

Capturing such moments is almost like covering a sporting event, as the light moves fast, and shadows grow deeper, the light redder, and then it’s over, and there is darkness, colors become gray, then grayer, then black and shades thereof, and the warm coolers become cool colors, more blue, more dark green, with little to differentiate edges and shapes. But below, things are alive…


Pano of pier on the Windward side of Oahu


Pier made famous in the Magnum detective series where TC operated his helicopter business. Now a research pier open sometimes to fishermen and women.

This was four images taken with Fujifilm X-Pro 1, stitched together in Photoshop, and then post processed to get maximum effect. A digital image is a linear capture of information, and otherwise dull without some post processing. The pier was used in the Magnum series, where TC operated his helicopter business.

Desert Queen Ranch

Joshua Tree National Park

The Desert Queen Ranch formerly was known as Keys Ranch, after the family that lived there. Keys started the ranch around WWI, taking over the property from earlier minors. I taught a course at the Ranch for the Desert Institute, and here are some photos from that day-long class.

Slide Shows in Word Press

There are different ways to display your photos, all available here in WordPress. Here is one way. Click on an image and it becomes a slideshow.