Hawaiian Reminders

And Valentine Day too. This series include moi photo, telephone charging stand, Hawaiian themed, plastic flowers, and a double exposure, a feature on the X-Pro 1 (and other cameras too.) But the X-Pro 1 makes it very easy.


Layers of Rock

In Joshua Tree National Park, harsh winter sunlight.

Opposite Live Oak composite copy

Joshua Tree National Park

Visited the park yesterday with friends. It was cool, bright light, and lots and lots of visitors from around the world. All images, of course, taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro1. Used Photoshop to post process, and Nik software plugins to modify. To taste. Happy New Year.

Legacy lenses on the X-Pro1

Tested the Minolta 28mm manual focus F3.5 lens, manufactured in the 70s. Not fast. Must shoot at F 8, therefore requires higher ISO settings. Paid $24 plus $9 for adaptor. Plus $10 for shipping for the lens. Results? 

Shot at a carnival in Yucca Valley. Not many people. But I discovered how garish, Halloween-like are the colors of the equipment at these mobile carneys. The colors were so odd and non-beautiful the only thing I could do is convert to b and w, using Nik Silvereffects Pro. Then I had to use yellow or green filters to get anywhere, to offset those garish colors. But you can see the results below and by going to see even more images at jimsmartphotography.com and look for the post labeled “mobile carnival.”